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Regular Poster Abstracts Accepted for Presentation

  1. Ranier Bonnici, Alexiei Dingli and Charlie Abela. Extending a Closed-World with Guest Devices
  2. Hanna Kinnari and Esa Kujansuu. MALog - Effective Learning for Mathematical Logic
  3. Tobias Kuhn. AceWiki: A Semantic Wiki Using Controlled English
  4. Fernando Silva Parreiras, Carsten Saathoff, Tobias Walter, Thomas Franz and Steffen Staab. APIs a gogo: Automatic Generation of Ontology APIs
  5. Ian Pallen and Steve Fullerton. Bridging the Traditional-Semantic Divide: Extending Enterprise Search using Semantic Technology
  6. Florian Schmedding and Max Schwaibold. Integrating Feedback into Web Pages
  7. Maria-Esther Vidal, Edna Ruckhaus, Tomas Lampo and Javier Sierra. GJoin: An Efficient Join Operator for SPARQL queries
  8. Joanna Jozefowska, Agnieszka Lawrynowicz and Tomasz Lukaszewski. Clustering results of conjunctive queries over knowledge bases in OWL
  9. Maria-Esther Vidal, Edna Ruckhaus and Natalia Marquez. BioNav: A System to Discover Semantic Web Associations in the Life Sciences
  10. Mario Volke and Thorsten Liebig. Origo - A Client for a Distributed Semantic Social Network
  11. Maria Maleshkova and Laurian Gridinoc. Supporting the Semi-Automatic Acquisition of Semantic RESTful Service Descriptions
  12. Srdjan Komazec and Federico Michele Facca. The COIN Global Service Delivery Platform
  13. Matthias Hert, Gerald Reif and Harald Gall. SPARQL/Update for Relational Databases
  14. Diego Torres, Hala Skaf-Molli, Alicia Diaz and Pascal Molli. Personal and Shared Knowledge Building in P2P Semantic Wikis
  15. Andriy Nikolov, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta and Anne de Roeck. Overcoming schema heterogeneity for data-level integration
  16. Raúl García-Castro. SEALS: Semantic Evaluation At Large Scale
  17. Massimo Paolucci, Volha Kerhet, Raman Kazhamiakin, Marco Pistore and Matthias Wagner. A Framework for Service Discovery in Mobile Environments Based on the Expected Use of a Service
  18. Tao Guan, David Fowler, Richard Crowder, Nigel Shadbolt, Tao Feng and Gary Wills. A Semantic System for Rapid Information Search and Access
  19. Carsten Saathoff, Stefan Scheglmann and Simon Schenk. Winter : Mapping RDF to POJOs revisited
  20. Bernhard Haslhofer. The MediaSpaces Mapping Framework
  21. Ansgar Scherp, Thomas Franz, Carsten Saathoff and Steffen Staab. A Common Model of Events and Objects based on DOLCE+ Ultra Light
  22. Edward Thomas, Jeff Z. Pan and Yuting Zhao. TrOWL: A Scalable Ontology Reasoning Infrastructure
  23. Ondrej Svab-Zamazal, Vojtech Svatek, Jerome David and Francois Scharffe. Towards Metamorphic Semantic Models
  24. Laura Dragan and Siegfried Handschuh. SemNotes - Note-taking on the Semantic Desktop
  25. Olivier Rossel. New web usages radically redefine the web browser paradigm.
  26. Yuan Ren, Gerd Groener, Jens Lemcke, Tirdad Rahmani, Andreas Friesen, Yuting Zhao, Jeff Pan and Steffen Staab. Validating Process Refinement with Ontologies
  27. Andreas Harth. Exploring Semantic Web Datasets with VisiNav
  28. Christoph Lange and Michael Kohlhase. Documenting Ontologies the Mathematical Way
  29. Shinichi Nagano, Takayuki Iida, Masumi Inaba and Yumiko Mizoguchi. An Approach to Conceptual Distance Measurement on Ontology
  30. Debra Heisler and James Hendler. Using Subtraction with Knowledge Bases for Data Reduction
  31. Evangelos Tolias, Stamatia-Ann Katriou, Nikolaos Loutas, Lemonia Giantsiou, Vassilios Peristeras and Konstantinos Tarabanis. SemanticGov: A Showcase for the Region of Central Macedonia
  32. Thomas Kurz and Sebastian Schaffert. KiWi and the Linking Open Data Cloud
  33. Jakub Kotowski, Stephanie Stroka, Francois Bry and Sebastian Schaffert. Dependency Updates and Reasoning in KiWi
  34. François Bry, Jakub Kotowski and Klara Weiand. Querying and reasoning for social semantic

Posters accepted as "PhD Posters"

  1. Srdjan Komazec. PhD Poster - Reactive Semantic Execution Environment
  2. James Scicluna. PhD Poster Practical Web Service Composition with Parametric Design
  3. Nophadol Jekjantuk. PhD Poster: Reasoning and Query Answering for Metamodeling Enabled Ontologies
  4. Stuart Taylor. PhD Poster: Lightweight Rule Extended Ontology Languages
  5. Christian Fuerber. PhD Poster: Ontology-Based Data Quality Management - Methodology, Cost, and Benefits
  6. Brian Davis. PhD Poster - Sovereign - HLT Interfaces for authoring, annotating and accessing knowledge on the Semantic Desktop
  7. Carlo Alloca. PhD Poster: PhD Poster: Expliciting Semantic Relations Between Ontologies in Large Ontology Repositories
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