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Topics of interest to the conference include, but are not limited to:

1. Semantic Web Data and Ontologies

  • Interoperability of data on the Semantic Web
  • Technologies for linked data
  • Database Technologies for the Semantic Web
  • Semantic Annotation of Data
  • Searching, Querying, Visualizing, Navigating and Browsing the Semantic Web
  • Query Languages and Optimization for the Semantic Web
  • Rule Languages for the Semantic Web
  • Ontology Management (creation, evolution, evaluation, etc.)
  • Ontology Alignment (mapping, matching, merging, mediation and reconciliation)
  • Ontology Learning and Metadata Generation (e.g., HLT and ML approaches)

2. Semantic Web Services

  • Service Description, Composition, and Discovery
  • Service Orchestration and Choreography
  • Service Testing, Verification, and Validation
  • Service Monitoring, Adaptation and Management
  • SLA Modeling and Management
  • Quality of Services, Security, and Dependability
  • Service Engineering
  • Service Deployment, Execution, Infrastructures, and Architectures

3. Semantic Web Architectures

  • Semantics in P2P Computing
  • Semantics in Grid Computing
  • Semantics in Middleware

4. Applications on the Semantic Web

  • Multimedia and Semantic Web
  • Semantic Web Trust, Privacy, Security and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Interoperability of applications on the Semantic Web
  • Data mining on the Semantic Web
  • Personalization and User Modelling
  • User Interfaces and Semantic Web
  • Semantic Web-based Knowledge Management (e.g. Semantic Desktop, Knowledge Portals)
  • Semantic Web for e-Business, e-Science, e-Health, e-Culture, e-Government, e-Learning and other application domains
  • Social networks and processes on the Semantic Web
  • Semantic web technology for collaboration and cooperation

5. Design and Evaluation of Semantic Web Applications and Technologies

  • Usability
  • Performance and scalability
  • Quality
  • Cost modeling
  • Testing and validation

We particularly welcome application papers which clearly show benefits of Semantic Web technologies in practical settings.

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